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A Common Man Called R.K. Laxman

Popularly known for his ‘Common Man’ satirical cartoons, which started appearing in The Times of India since 1951, R.K. Laxman
3.Voyage of Success_Post Production

Voyage of Success: Post Production

Continued from…Voyage of Success: In Production 1) The resistance: Now that the distance between success and you is minimal, you
Voyage of Success

Voyage of Success: In Production

Continued from VOYAGE OF SUCCESS: The Prequel 1) More than imagination: What fascinated you earlier appears totally different. The shine
Voyage of Success


A series of posts discussing the voyage of a success seeker 1) The face value: This is the time when
Information or Experience

Information or Experience: Overcoming the Dilemma

Evaluating the role of information and experience in our lives. Living in an ‘information age’, experience, which may seem limited
Param Jaggi

Param Jaggi: Inventor, Founder & CEO of R&D Company Ecoviate

Back in 2011, 17-year-old high school student Param Jaggi invented Algae Mobile device that cleans up car exhaust and converts

Spiral of Positivity

Reinvent the extreme conditions with different set of Amazing Stamina. Hone the skill to respond with Silky Smoothness. Deviation from
Being Normal

Being Normal: Denying Your Uniqueness

Every morning we wake up, unless in a hurry, we find that span of time where we are staring at


Spiral of Positivity

Reinvent the extreme conditions with different set of Amazing...
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Six Life Lessons to Learn from The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption is based on a short story...
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21 Ways to Radiate Charm

Set a powerful focus on the most unexpected, astonishing...
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The 12 Forever Young Wise Pieces of Life Advice one should Know

Successful people always pick up lessons from their own...
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