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Midsummer dream

Midsummer Dream

In the afternoons of summer, Bunking my office I play housie with my hubby, Freshly quilted cotton cushions, Flipping at each other Camouflaged annoyance, Soft laughter writes the success stories, Hiding my face, poetries hang Encircled by the tousled locks, Unkempt, I …
Whats your story

What’s Your Story?

For me every person is a story. Each individual’s behavior, actions, and beliefs, portray a story. Some stories represent the darker sides of humanity while others illustrate the utmost level of benevolence. Some exhibit the indomitable will and human strength while others …

Spiral of Positivity

Reinvent the extreme conditions with different set of Amazing Stamina. Hone the skill to respond with Silky Smoothness. Deviation from conventional epicenter helps Thrilling Rendezvous with Majestic, Rustic, Exciting Retreat Ceremony. Possibilities are possible only when one arches to fascinate the stress-buster …